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Third Party Licensing

Licensing of Antenna Designs

Cobham Antenna Systems manufacture approximately 20,000 antennas per year at its facility in the UK. New designs are continuously developed resulting in around 200 new antenna designs per year. 

As well as designing and manufacturing in-house we offer a design and licence manufacturing service whereby a customer can undertake manufacturing.

The evolution of a product can be mapped out and indicative costs for non-recurring engineering, prototypes, tooling, first article testing, pre-production, licence data pack, royalties and technical support can be provided. Third party training can be advised at an early stage in the development process.

Examples of licence manufacturing include the design of a 3.5GHz high gain flat panel antenna which needed to be integrated with a radio within the same enclosure in order to be cost effective. From initial contract to a third party manufacturing under licence took less than 20 weeks.

Another example is a miniature circularly polarised hemi-omni antenna required for a satellite telephone where the potential quantities may have exceed 100,000 units. 

The details of the arrangements can be flexible and we negotiate terms in order that all parties benefit.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.