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Emergency Services Antennas

Reliable communication systems are an essential part of today's emergency services.

Police, fire and ambulance all use radio for fast and efficient communication for data, telemetry, video links, wireless LAN and GSM cellular applications for user and base station.

Core Emergency Services

  • POLICE - Providing community safety and acting to reduce crime against persons and property.
  • FIRE - Providing fire fighters with the connectivity in order to deal with fire and rescue operations.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL - Providing ambulances and staff for medical emergencies. 

Secondary Emergency

Search and rescue of the injured, trapped or lost, assisting in emergency situations.

  • Coastguard
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Cave Rescue
  • Mine Rescue
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Blood and Organ Transplant Supply
  • Emergency Management


Safeguarding people's day-to-day lives, maintaining of supplies of gas, electricity and water, rescue of road and rail users.

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