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Thuraya | Satellite Antennas

Cobham has developed a range of hemi-omni, directional and directional panel low profile Thuraya satellite antennas with integrated GPS. This range can be used with all Thuraya satellite telephone docking units and the Thuraya module SM2500.

There are two categories; those that require a D.C. voltage to power an integral GPS amplifier, and those with a passive GPS antenna that does not require a drive voltage.

The choice of antennas provides versatility for excellent connectivity within the entire Thuraya coverage area. The antenna range includes fixed and mobile land applications and maritime.

HEMI OMNI Antennas

Hemi omni antennas for use on vehicles have fixed and magnetic mount options. For low angle regions (less than 45° elevationd) as well as for other regions. If one antenna is needed for all applications and regions, the hemi omni antenna (HOA) is the best option. The HOA range includes models with passive or active GPS. 


Directional antennas have higher gain but narrow angles. Use should be restricted where elevation to the satellite is greater than 45°. Antennas have low profile. Suitable for fixed land installations for data applications such as SCADA.

DIRECTIONAL Panel Antennas

Model FPA15-1.6L/1535 is the smallest panel antenna that can be used to operate the ThurayaIP unit at its maximum data rate. However for remote use there is a slightly larger antenna that can be a fixed installation.

Two examples of our antennas can be found on the Thuraya website:

To view our standard range of antennas please visit the Antennas section of this site. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you can not find what you are looking for.