L-Band, S-Band, C-Band Omni Antennas

25 August 2011

Omni antennasTwo new Omni Antennas are now available covering Military L/S-Band and C-Band communications frequencies.

Antenna reference OA4-1.7-2.5V/1810 (photograph left) is a wide band omni, covering the frequency range 1.7 to 2.5GHz.  It features high gain of up to 4.2dBi and vertical polarization. 

Complementing this antenna is OA4-4.4-5.8V/1662 (photograph right), another wide band omni antenna covering the lower and upper C-Band, with frequency range 4.40 to 5.80GHz.  This antenna has high gain of up to 5dBi and vertical polarization.

The two antennas have been designed to provide high gain omni-directional coverage in frequency bands used with portable Software Defined Radio (SDR) projects where four antennas have traditionally been used.  

Using wideband biconical elements means that azimuth patterns have extremely low ripple whilst elevation patterns of 40° enables them to be used under most circumstances.  Although the current models are ground-based, airborne versions will be available.

These antennas complement the company’s existing Ku band circular polarized omni antennas (which are used on ground and airborne platforms) and complete the set of L, S, C, and Ku bands for the portable SDR projects so that only 3 antennas (all with 4dBi gain)  are required, reducing weight and inventory.