Bi-Directional Planar Spiral Antenna Designed for Airports

9 July 2012

Bi-directional, planar spiral ultra-wideband antenna BDFPA-0.6-4.0-RL/1313

Originally designed for use in a prestigious London airport application, this antenna is suitale for use most GSM, PCS, UMTS, wireless LAN and WiMAX coverage.

With its unique shape, this bi-directional, wide band antenna is small, measuring only 227mm by 250mm and is 40mm thic. The antenna weighs 1.14lbs, and has an N(F) connector on a 1m cable and a neat mounting plinth.

Frequency range is 600MHz to 4GHz.

It can be used indoors or outdoors to improve access point performance. The antenna has dual circular polarisation with gain of 3.4dBiC, and half power beamwidth 75° azimuth by 75° elevation.

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