UWB Antennas for USA Medical, Cellular, Wireless LAN, WiMAX and 5.8GHz Frequencies 2 December 2008

Three new antennas for USA Medical, Cellular, Wireless LAN, WiMAX and 5.8GHz Frequencies;

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New - Active Satcoms, Ultra-Wideband and Directional Antennas 10 September 2008

These three flat panel antennas are the latest additions to our range of over 400 directional flat panels. Directional flat panels can achieve very high gain measurements, whilst being discreet in app…

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New Ultra-Wideband Antennas, 0.8 to 6.0GHz Frequency Band 19 May 2008

These two antennas both feature high specification, ultra wideband coverage.;

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New WiFi Antennas, Dual-Frequency, Dual Slant Polarisation 15 April 2008

These three antennas were developed for a prestigious building project close to London, providing full WiFi hotspot coverage in dense RF areas whilst ensuring that other radio frequency requirements were not compromised.;

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New Ultra-Wideband, Bodyworn, Broadband, Omni, Sector Antennas 20 February 2008

Ultra wide band, Body worn, Broadband, Omni, Sector;

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